vegetable Stir Fry/Poriyal

Poṟiyal is the Tamil word for a fried, or sometimes sauteed, vegetable dish. The Kannada word for the same dish is Palya and in Telugu, it is Vepudu(source: Wikepedia). It is usually made by shallow frying shredded or diced vegetables along with spices. In recent time vegetable stir fry has become easy quick fix dish. This can be either be as a sidish for your rice or sidish for rotis and also many mix it with rice.


1. Chopped onions( optional)- 1/4 cup
2. Vegetables of your choice(chopped into small pieces)- 1cup
3.Green chillies(optional) slitted - 3
4.Curry leaves- handfull
5.Crushed peppers(optional) - 1 tbsp
6. Salt- as per taste
7.Turmeric - 1/4 tsp
6. Oil- 2tbsp

1. In a heated Pan/kadai add oil and saute onions until it turns glossy and add green chillies
2.saute the chopped vegetables and add salt and turmeric
3. shallow fry vegetables untill it is cooked and finally add some crushed peppers and garnish with curry leaves
4. Serve hot with rice/rotis