One pot Rasam Rice


Tomatoes -2

tamarind water- 1cup

garlic- 4cloves

red chillies-2

pepper corns- 4

fennel seeds/saunf- 1tbsp

cumin- one spoon

rasam powder- 2tbsp

rice- 1cup

water- 2cup

salt - to taste


1. Heat the pressure cooker/one pot cooker with 2 spoons of oil.

2. for tempering add mustard, cumin,red chilli,pepper,saunf
and garlic.

3. add tomatoes, rasam powder ,salt and cook for a minute

4. finally add tamarind water and let it boil for few minute

5. add 1 cup rice,2 cup water and put it in sim for 15minutes

6. Finally garnish it with curry leaves and coriander leaves