South Indian Tiffins

Ven Pongal


Raw rice- 2cup

Moong dal- 1cup

Salt- 2tbsp

For Sauting:

Crushed pepper- 2tbsp

Cumin seeds- 3tbsp

sliced ginger

Steps to follow

1. dry roast  raw rice and moong dal

2. wash the roasted rice and dal

3. Fill the pressure cooker  with 6 cups of water and put the ingredients

4. Allow for 6 whistles or keep in sim mode for 15min

5. In a pan melt some butter /ghee and add cumins and crushed pepper and cashews

6. mix the sauted ingredients in pongal and servet it hot with sambar or chutney

Medhu Vada/Ullundhu Vada


Servings: 4

(to soak and grind)

1.Urad dal- 1cup

2.Raw rice- 1spoon

(for vada)

3. chopped onion -1

4.grated ginger chilli- 6nos

6.curry leaves and coriander- 1/4 cup

7.salt- 1.5 spoon


1.soak urad dal for 4 hours and grind it in blender

2. use only little water, and the vada batter should be solid enough
    to make as a ball(add onion, chillies, ginger and leaves to batter)

3. Take a heavy bottomed pan, and pat vada to round shape with a hole
    and deep fry in oil

4. Serve vada with coconut chutney/ sambar

Adai Recipe/Kara Dhosa


    (for soaking)

1. Channa dal - 1cup

2. moong dal-1cup

3. raw rice-1cup

4. toor dal- 1/2 cup

(for grinding)

5. red chilli - 5

6. green chilli-3

7. fennel seeds- 2tbsp

8. coriander seeds- 2tbsp

9.salt- as per taste


1. soak all the soaking ingredients for 5 hours

2. After 5 hours grind all the ingredients

3. Grind and pour enough water to make the batter to dhosa consistency.

4. heat a dhosa pan and pour laddle of batter

5. cook dhosa in sim , so that you will get more crispier

Andhra pesarattu or moong dal/ green gram dhosa


1. moong dal/green gram- 2cups

2. Raw rice- 1cup

3. Salt- as per taste

4. green chillies- 4

(for topping above dhosa)

5. grated carrot, onion,coriander- 1/2 cup


1. Soak moong dal and raw rice for 8 hours

2. After 8 hours grind it in a blender with  green chillis and required water

3. Add salt to the batter and make it to dhosa consistency

4. In a dhosa pan pour laddle of batter and add oil on top of it
   add the grated carrot, onion and coriander and put the gas in sim

5. Dont flip the dhosa/pesarratu leave it one side itself until it becomes