Beetroot Halwa


1.Grated beetroot- 2cups

2. sugar -1cup

3. Milk -1cup

4. cardamon- 1tbsp

5. Salt- a pinch

6. Ghee- 1/4 cup

7. nuts and raisins(for topping)


1. Take a heavy bottom pan/kadai and fry the grated beetroot in few drops
    of ghee

2. After 5mins , pour milk and cook beetroot completely until the
    raw smell disappears, also add cardamon and pinch of salt

3. finally add sugar and wait until the beetroot is cooked and pour little
    amount of ghee

4. Add the nuts and raisins which is fried in ghee

5. Beetroot halwa is ready to be served now

Simple Carrot Halwa


1. grated carrot - 2cup

2.Sugar - 1cup

3. Milk- 1cup

4. cardamon powder- 1 spoon

5.nuts and raisins-2spoons

6. ghee- 1/4 cup


1. fry the grated carrot in ghee for 2minutes and add milk,cardamon to the
    carrot and bring to boil completely

2. once the carrot is boiled add sugar to the carrot

3. add few ghee and off the stove when the carrot halwa becomes non sticky
    from the pan.

4. fry few nuts and raisins in ghee and add it to halwa