About Me

Hi Friends,

Am Arthi Prathap, the person behind this blog. Am a former Software engineer and I have moved to London recently and am a stay at home mom  currently. I have  developed interest to cooking
after my marriage. I love to eat food and I believe the concept 'Eat to Live' rather than 'Live to eat'.
My initial days of cooking  as a beginner was burden to me and also all the process seemed to be difficult and the taste seems to be average, since I was cooking without any interest and passion. When I started to cook with interest and passion cooking seemed to be more easy and the tastes turned out so much better. I have been learning lot of recipes and implementing in my cooking. My belief is anyone can cook best if you give your best efforts to make the recipe.

In my blog mostly you will see vegetarian recipes and all the recipes are prepared by me. All the recipes in my blog can be prepared by anyone with simple day-to day ingredients available in your pantry.
Your suggestions to improve my recipe and the way I blog are most welcome. Thanks for spending time to read about me. If you like my blog, have a try visiting my Instagram , Facebook and Youtube handle.